We Strive for an excelence that goes way beyond the surface Of our products in fact from design to production and customer service we are for nothing less than perfection at every stage. Our history Of greas German engineering, rigotuos internal tests and numerous external certification processes we what gives out customers complete confidence in a name they can trust.

Advance Technologies

ELVIS soft Control

The joy effortless fingertip control and long lasting silky smooth operation

ELVIS Mirror Finish

Made-to-Last Surfaces ranging from precious matt to shiny like a diamond.


Save precious resources and enjoy 100% water comfort

ELVIS Easy Fix

Faster, easier and hassle free, Elvis easy fix cuts Installation time by up to 30%


ELVIS products are designed to be both visionary and innovative with quality always warranted. Purchasing ELVIS products means your investment is perfectly balanced in terms of quality, technology and design with sustainable production.

  • - Faucets Warranty 10 years
  • - Shower Warranty 3 Year
  • - Health Faucet Warranty 3 Year