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Manufacturing Process

Considering the Green Building Awareness and Promotion's ELVIS is happy to announce that all our products (Except concealed, flush valves, Divertors & stop cock) now come with following Flow Controllers 4L/min, 6L/min. 8L/min, 1 OL/min & 12L/min.

To Place order the product with these flow rates all you need to do is to add the required flow rate code to the desired Product, For Example, if u want to order Forma Pillar Cock with a flow rate of 6L/min the code will be 401 1-6L Similarly for IOL/min will be 4011-IOL and so on..

Process Photos

No. Component Material Description
1 Brass Housing Hpb59-3
2 O' ring Gasket EPDM
3 Lubricating O-Washer POM
4 Lever Hpb59-3
5 Garter Spring QSn6.5-0.1
6 O' ring Gasket EPDM
7 Moving Dise AL203>96%
8 Fixed Dise AL203>96%
9 Sealing Gasket Siicone
10 Base Hpb59-3
11 Sealing Gasket Siicone